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Val Tierney speaks about her work:
Emotions and environments are inspirational to my work, resulting in representational and abstracted images in a variety of media. Natures colours and forms intrigue and inspire me. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of 'special places' where ever changing landscapes and organic forms depict the moods of nature and light.
Deluge III

One of a series of commissioned works based upon Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.
Medium - Acrylic and Mixed Media.
My work continues to be my emotional memories of landscape and place, originally expressed in paint/printmaking and latterly in hand dyed silk fibre and felt. Recent works are based on the mood evoked by a landscape rather than a search for realism and are produced instinctively with the medium taking over after a certain point. Not literally representational but not always unrelated. The shapes of nature and organic forms are blended with expressive textures and colour, working pattern over pattern using different transparencies of dyes and metallic foils producing an image that evokes the mood of the original subject.
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Annual Exhibition 17 Sept to 8 Oct 2017 The Discovery Centre, Winchester, UK
La Rose en fête 17 to 18 June 2017 La Chappelle de la maire, Veules-Les-Roses, France
15ème Salon 18 to 25 May 2017 salle Frager, Veules-Les-Roses, France
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